Home Automation – The Basics

So what’s it all about? Since the dawn of time, Man has sought to simplify  and control.

Home Automation is being widely used in commercial buildings to drive down running costs and centralise control. The automotive industry has been way ahead of the field for many years with many features coming as standard such as automatic lights, fuel consumption data, climate control and many other comfort and security features.

So What Can It Do…that will benefit the average home?

Heating and lights are the two main areas where energy is wasted. Automation provides automated control to reduce unnecessary use. Lights and heating switched off in unoccupied rooms, heating controlled by zone, so only rooms that are needed are fully heated. The heating can also be inhibited when doors or windows are opened.

In addition to the savings centralised light control adds powerful security features to your home. No more running round adjusting timers on lights when you go away. With the simple flick of a switch, lights go into Presence Simulation mode giving the appearance of occupancy. The room sensors now form part of your alarm system, providing rapid direct alert of intruders.


Be safe, snug and secure in your own home with control at your fingertips anywhere via the app…..

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