Living Without FiT…

The Feed In Tariff  (FiT) has been the main driver for many to install  Solar PV, however in January next year, the rate is going to be dramatically slashed. This rate cut will undoubtedly leave many wondering if its still worth it.

In the run up to the deadline there will be another rush, so if solar is on your wish list, do it now and benefit from the additional payments through the FiT scheme.

So what happens after the cut? It is still worthwhile on the basis you are investing in a generator with a fixed output price lower than current electricity supply prices. It works out cheap if you can make use of production and there are a number of ways to boost “self consumption“.

  1. Utilise a monitoring system that can divert excess production into some form of storage, whether batteries, immersion heaters, hybrid/electric cars, storage heaters etc. This will allow for this energy to be available when needed.
  2. Spread the productive day over a longer period by design. Break up the panels to point in different directions. This reduces the peak  mid-day load but increases the morning and afternoon production making it easier to use.


A south facing 4kW array will produce on average 3300kWhrs per year. When you look at the raw cost of installation as a generator over 20-25 years, gives you an electricity generation cost between £0.06 and £0.09 per unit generated which is still lower than today’s price from your grid supplier. The best bit is your price is fixed for the life of the system. Based on the assumption electricity prices will only go up its a good idea to fix some of your production costs, better still if you can do it before the 1st of January 2016….

Where does Home Automation help? By managing your electricity usage you can control where excess production is sent and cascade to other areas once one is full. This also allows you to calculate production, savings and target more efficient usage. Bespoke system design and flexibility attained through automation will provide a very efficient solution for any home…

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