Don’t Get Caught In The App Trap!

We will say it over and over, “App Overload” will deter people from fully adopting Home Automation.  There are some excellent stand alone app controlled products on the marked and are great for what they do, however linking them in to other Loxone Smart Home Layoutsystems e.g.triggering lights when the alarm goes off is a little more complicated. If your first product is a stepping stone to more….stop….

Starting small is a major benefit of many Automation Systems due to their modular make up, however it pays to do your long term homework to ensure what you envisage having in 5 years is achievable with what you start out with. Every system will evolve from both a users and manufacturers point of view. Most systems can have their “Firmware” updated to accommodate newly released features, just make sure you select right.

Switching between apps is both time consuming and frustrating to achieve simple tasks around the home, therefore a carefully planned installation is essential for both local (wall mounted) and mobile (smart phones & Tablets) control. Having too many independent home control apps will become tiresome…..just look at how may remote controls you have for TV, DVD, Audio etc…

A Smart Home installation planned by us, installed and programmed will achieve this for you.  Bringing traditional home systems together through a single interface unleashes unparalleled security features, personal comfort, and economical running of your home (or business). Even older AV equipment can fall back on InfraRed commands for unified control.

As members of CEDIA we operate to their code of ethics and standards of workmanship, and they open up a wealth of information gleaned over many installs. Their Buzz word is Integration too and have written a blog about Automation and Apps

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