Multi-Room AV – Audio & TV

Viewing habits are changing due to the rise in web and server based media. Music stored on iPods, online video vaults and streaming services such as Netflix and mhub-tvs-1024x502Amazon are delivering content to our homes in addition to terrestrial and satellite services. Look at the typical home and you will see a stack of boxes located near to each
TV with a nest of cables usually in plain sight.

Moving forward….. Multi-room AV systems delivers content to rooms in a neater, coherent manner relies on a distribution system. Either utilising coax or Cat6 cable, standard, HD, UHD/4K content can be shared across multiple screens from multiple sources.
All of your incoming (terrestrial, satellite, home network and web content) services can be shared, even Sky multi-room becomes truly multi-room rather than just the rooms that have the subscription boxes. When installed correctly, internet content is provided over a wired network to fully enable #Smart TV’s.  Wild-3Neatness becomes a buzz word, which is essential given TV screens tend to be wall mounted, and reducing the number of connected cables, sharing devices and co-location services enables this to happen.

Just add Automation… Integrate control with Home Automation for one touch switching. Turn lights down, close curtains/blinds, turn on the TV and select the source device.

Multi-room audio follows the same premiss, allowing content from multiple sources to be made available across your home in defined zones allowing easy listening. When controlled via Automation, “follow me” Sources_Logoscan allow automatic switching as you move through your home, music can wake you up or switch to your favourite source when you come home. Both audio and video can integrated to create noise as part of your burglar alarm….

Sharing resources, product security and reducing visible clutter are the main reasons for opting to install distribution systems. Add in the fact you also have centralised control, monitoring your children’s viewing simplifies homework time….

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