Thermostats …..we all need them.

neostatGet the heating under control. Number 1 waste of energy is heating. Switch it on in Autumn and forget about it until it goes off again in the Spring. However, many homes rely on a single control point and an inflexible time clock to manage their heating. Enter the realm of Smart Stats, functional thermostats that do more than click when the temperature changes. If its simply heating you need to control, there are many options on the market that provide a degree of intelligence or function in a more intuitive manner. If you need more, integrated heating control is a core function of many Smart Home Automation Systems.

In addition to basic heating functions, most Smart Stats will allow you to remotely access your heating control, view historic data and alert you when things are not right. Providing additional peace of mind and the ability to simply alter schedules without requiring an engineering degree to adjust the clock….. and most of the clocks adjust Nest-Screensthemselves now, to and from British Summertime…

Some even program the schedule for you based on learning your habits. Retaining the option to manually boost or turn the schedule off is a feature that’s still essential. Smart becomes really smart when the thermostat logs your usage and produces a regular report that benchmarks you amongst similar homes. This additional motivation usually helps you save more.

For those looking for simple on the wall features there are smart stats that only allow the user to increase/decrease temperature only and lock all the smart stuff safely in the app. These are ideal for holiday homes/lets, elderly or people scared of up front technology.131007_myfox_guerre_thermostats1

For the more cost effective multi-room heating solution and one with significantly less wall clutter, entering the sphere of home automation is the answer. Taking total intelligent, zoned heating control over many types of heating whether radiators, underfloor or electric. With the added features that come with automation, the potential saving keep adding up…



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