Cable, the Nerve Centre…..

In the modern home, communication cable and copper wiring are critical infrastructures supplying fast data and power around the home. Traditional “Twin & Earth” cable are like arteries supplying power, and Cat5, 6 & 7 cable form the Nerve Centre transmitting data signals for command & control.  So What and Why are we installing…..

Smart homes still rely on traditional comp_CableTwin and Earth cable for transmitting power round the home, however lighting supplies, some sockets, shading and door power is wired back to centralised points where the control system is. The main change is all of the cabling for control which now utilised low voltage DC power and signalling. Typically this is either 4 core KNX certified, or Cat6/7 cable depending on your chosen system.

Data and power are now separated by a control system that allows for heating, lighting, shading etc to be controlled efficiently and intelligently. Getting the cable right takes time and skill. Cables types must remain segregated to avoid future problems.

Cat6… This is a 4 pair data cable that is now deemed by most as the current install standard. We use HDBaseT certified cable to ensure its up to the task of transmitting HD and UltraHD TV signalling throughout. We also use it for data to feed connected appliances, extend WiFi coverage and connect surveillance cameras.

Cat7… Again this is a 4 pair data cable with thicker wire cores than Cat6 which is ideal for carrying signalling from switches and sensors throughout the home. In addition its got additional shielding to reduce interference. We can use this for network data, however the termination cost is significantly higher.

SmartHome Composite… When it comes to AV distribution, there are many ways to do it, however with UltraHD (4K) hitting the market next year, we now install a bundled cable package to each TV point containing 3 data cables and 2 coax. This provides the home owner with “options” on how they will receive and distribute signals throughout the home. Early indications are that Full 4K will need 2x Cat6 cables to handle the very high data requirement, hence our choice of cable…. Future Proofing

Shielded Speaker Cable… High Quality not only maintains good signal transfer, but will reduce the likely hood of interference. After all no one likes buzz or hum in their sound. With UltraHD sound and streaming services, you want to maintain quality throughout…

As with any installation, the job is not done until verification and testing is done. End to end continuity is not enough, and we perform a barrage of tests to confirm every part is up to the job….”chucking it in” is simply not an option….

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