CCTV …only Smarter


Times are changing rapidly in the CCTV & surveillance field. Cameras are evolving with intelligence devolved to the camera itself. Rather than having a passive monitoring and recording system, you now have the ability to make it work much harder for you.


What you can do with a camera is now pretty amazing. Your choice of camera is primarily governed by your reasons for installing the system in the first place. However due to the “intelligence within” flexibility is now enhanced. Image analytic’s embedded in the camera, processes the image at source and provides a faster response to changing situations.

Triggers.  Triggering events has long been used in CCTV to detect movement in given areas. Taking this a stage further, virtual trip wires can be set to cover access points and restricted areas. The ability to incorporate direction of movement into or out of an area or even trigger when someone spends too much time in the zone saves someone watching 24/7 Receive alerts and video segments by e-mail on defined events.

Object Detection.  Being able to identify items that don’t belong or items being removed is a powerful proactive enhancement. Bolster security by locating unattended luggage, or keep a close eye on valuable shop stock, artwork or fixed electronic equipment.  Count things or people whether foot fall into and out of buildings, boxes on a conveyor, cars etc.

Maintenance & Tamper.  CCTV Cameras can move, or be moved, loose focus etc. With the image processing available these instances can trigger alerts locally or inform an engineer direct that attention  is needed. Your system was set up for a purpose, so should it not remain that way.Screenshot_2016-08-24-18-15-31

Biometrics.  A large part of surveillance is people centric. Adding facial recognition to your CCTV provides many security features. Receive alerts on Persons of Interest, open gates or doors. Powerful biometrics are hard to fool yet add functionality to your system.

ANPR/LPR.  Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems can now be deployed quickly and more cost effective than before. From Carpark management to visitor tracking.  White List actions  be used to open gates, switch on lights, send notifications and so much more. Integrate with Home Automation to trigger a sequence of events based on times and the given number plate. Let your imagination fly.



So, not all systems are the same and sourcing a Smart installer for your next   project can provide far more for your investment. Your standard CCTV is a benign data capture system. Add some intelligence and let the data work for you rather than waiting for something to go wrong…..

For a free site survey, proposal and quote, simple get in touch. Make your data work for you…

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