Freezer Monitoring

Following the expensive loss of contents after a freezer failed, we were approached to create a bespoke solution to prevent further loss. Equipment failure is inevitable, but “time” can mitigate disaster. Providing advance warning gives valuable “time” to safeguard stock.

Requrements:Temperature Probe

  1. Monitor all freezers and fridges 24/7
  2. Provide instant alerts and notifications based on temperature
  3. Log temperatures for Food Standards compliance
  4. Provide temperatures of other processes


  • 1 x Loxone MiniServer
  • 2 x 1Wire Modules
  • 24 x 1Wire Temperature Probes
  • Cat7 Cable to “daisy chain” sensors
  • Ubiquiti Nano Beams


Temperature probes were inserted into each freezer (18), walk in fridge, pasteuriser, cooling water plant and the building air space. In total 24 of the 1Wire digital probes (pictured above) were linked to a Loxone processor where all of the magic happens.

Not all freezers are in use at any one time, and there needed to be a way to switch off alerts for decommissioned freezers. Conversely, the critical requirement is this needed to be automatically switched back on again to remove the forgetful element. Its one thing to forget to switch the alert system off when the freezer is empty, but once full of product, it needs to be on.

Two threshold temperatures were set to trigger alerts. A lower temperature provides the initial warning something is not right and was set to send e-mail and also “Push” notifications direct to the clients phones. If nothing is done and the freezer keeps warming up, the second trigger temperature is  reached. This is when its a little more serious, so the clients are now alerted by a “Text-to-voice” automated call regardless of where in the world they are.

Loxone_Sensors_InstAll temperatures are taken every 60 seconds and averaged over a 1 hour period. These hourly readings are stored as a permanent record of each temperature probe. They can be called into the app instantly as a graph, downloaded as a text file or sent at regular intervals by e-mail. All of the thresholds can be altered within the app allowing for the triggers to be easily set.

The Loxone MiniServer needed an Internet Nanobeamconnection, and the home network was extended using a wireless point-to-point pair of dishes. Not only did this speed up installation, it also negated the need for overhead wires, or digging up 30m of concrete parking area.

Bonus Features:

The client is now left with options. This is a modular system and can easily be extended. Plans are in place for additional features such as bringing lighting control and security onto the MiniServer.

Our client now has the peace of mind that their valuable artisan hand made produce is well looked after night or day…

This is a bespoke solution that is designed, built and programmed to the clients needs and specification. Contact us for your solution….

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