Home Automation Starter Kit

Looking for a Christmas treat??

Where do you start with automation? With a new build its fairly easy as you have the flexibility of easily running cables to where you need them. Retro fitting may need a little extra thought…. We have pieced together a basic starter kit that can easily grow to control your whole home or business needs. Loxone Mini Server GoAt the centre is a small plug-in control box that communicates with the connected devices. All it needs is power and a connection to the WiFi/Internet Router (Internet connection not essential to operate locally). From here its simply adding devices like relays, switches, heating controls, blinds, sensors and more….

ssa-type_gThe Smart Socket has some very handy features included. The relay will switch anything thats connected to it from heaters to lights. On the bottom is a sensor to measure local temperature, so control heating or simply alert you on low temperatures. If you are keen to know where your electricity is going, there is a built in energy monitor, that you can even use to turn standby devices off automatically.  Finally there is a multi-function switch that can be used to do pretty much anything.Loxone Air Smoke

Safety is paramount, and every home should have a smoke detector. This one does more than simply beep when smoke is detected. Use it to trigger instant “Push” notifications, trigger lights, open blinds etc. Early detection saves lives, and you are always informed. In-built battery monitoring provides peace of mind too…

Loxone Air Switch

The Air touch switch, is 5 switches in 1… With a large central zone and 4 other touch points in the corners, makes this a pretty versatile pad. An audible click provides feedback that you have made contact. Built in humidity and temperature sensing along with on-board battery monitoring. Thanks to no wires, you can place it anywhere….

Unlike other systems, 2 way communication ensures that commands are actioned, and your app displays the true state of switches/relays. Utilising “Mesh” technology ensures difficult buildings can be retrofitted as signals can be relayed through the devices to negate thick walls and building materials that dampen the signal. All of this will be confirmed during set up.

In the run up to Christmas we are offering FREE programming* when you purchase the following basic Automation package (other bits can be added):

  • Mini-Server Go
  • 3 Smart Sockets
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • 1 Air Switch pad

The basis for a Smart Home starts at £297, however we have bundled a the extras listed above for £599…..

* Basic Programming and installation equates to approximately 1.5 hours labour to install, configure the devices and if necessary prepare your router to allow external control. Additional time is chargeable. Geographical restrictions apply, additional mileage charges may apply, however we can configure and send the products for you to install.


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