Retrofitting Home Automation

There is a myriad of products on the Loxone_Miniserver_GO_Draufsichtmarket to Automate virtually every part of your daily life, however care must be exercised when looking at a larger system. I have installed products from many differing manufacturers and a large proportion of limitations are due to the “Building Fabric” i.e. the stuff the walls and floors are made from.  Products from Loxone combat this by using “Mesh” technology….Modern buildings are using more and more insulation, not just in the outer walls, but those inside too. Foil backed plasterboard and foam panels quickly kill WiFi, GSM (mobile phone) and technology Loxone Air Switchspecific wireless signals. Mesh Technology combats this problem by rebroadcasting – It is where a Wireless device that is out of the range of the main controller, can still communicate by bouncing commands through other connected devices in the network. Think of it as “Digital Chinese Whispers” but the message passed is accurately repeated and a confirmation is relayed back.

Loxone Air Valve Smart HeatingThe confirmation command is a vital part in ensuring what you want to happen, actually happens. This is essential when you are logged in remotely and want to switch the lights on. The confirmation command is what changes the virtual switch on your App. It does not matter which “Air” device is incorporated, they all come together to provide a robust network to ensure your home is fully functional.

The “Air” range is ideal for retrofitting and can be incorporated into a wired system too, in fact we recommend on all of our installs that an Air Module is fitted, allowing for quick future expansion. The range of products includes sensors, switches, relays, smoke detectors, IR receiver/transmitter, RGBW lighting and more.

New products are continually coming to market as the range is expanded, but fear nought, all devices remain fully up to date with FREE firmware upgrades. You can be safe knowing your purchase is continually evolving, without you being left behind.Loxone Air Smoke

On board battery monitoring with automated alerts will never leave you wondering why something is not working because you forgot to replace the power source.

If you want to know more about Loxone Air and how it can benefit your daily life, please get in touch to arrange your hands on demonstration….

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