Assisted Living

Life throws many things at us, and livingroomageing is just one of the things we can do little about. For others are born with disabilities or suffer life changing events through injury or illness… We can adapt to changing circumstances, however our environment takes a little more thought. Home Automation caters for many situations and can adapt to many changing circumstances whether planned or not, Assisted Living helps…..Automation systems provide the flexibility that comes in handy when you re-designate a space or room e.g. turning a bedroom into an office, however it provides much more. Smart Homes have an advantage in that the can be controlled in multiple ways:

  • Conventional wall switches
  • Smart phones, tablets and computers
  • Motion/Presence sensors
  • Remote controls

Although building regulations have stipulated socket and switch heights, placement can impede/restrict furniture placement. Using remote control, what was once out of reach can be used with no need to change anything. For example, smart tablet accompanying a wheel chair user unlocks the whole home environment.

Keeping an eye on elderly relatives is made simple with non intrusive technology. Assisted living is becoming more mainstream and allows people to enjoy their home environment without feeling trapped. From room sensors to measure temperature to movement sensors providing peace of mind notifications. Panic buttons can be designated for quick and automated messaging, or coded keys to allow carer access that also notify you.

The very nature of Home Automation lends itself to adapting simply to the occupants needs. Every home is different as are the people, automation makes your home work for you, not you adapting to the home. For a bespoke consultation covering anything from simple heating control to a full home system, please call..

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