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2015 in Review…

As another year draws to a close we thought we would review what has been achieved this year, but firstly we would livingroomlike to thank our clients for their custom and to our suppliers who have supported and enabled us to grow this year. 2016 is already building to be a #Smart year with a number of #SmartHome projects booked in. Unfortunately….we are still seeing many clients with a common theme….”We wish we had known about you earlier”  Many problems that should have been dealt with at the Architect stage are often left until its too late. If you are looking for a home Blue Mood Lightingor business that is fit for the future, getting hold of a Custom Installer or System Integrator are essential at an early stage. We have set ourselves up as the premier Integrator for North Wales and have attended seminars, training and trade events over the past year just to keep up with this fast paced market. 2015 saw a 30% rise in Home Automation and 2016 is set to grow at a faster pace. Growing trends for 2015 include:

  • Automation Products – Whether off the shelf products like “SmartThings” to Nest thermostats or custom installed products from Loxone, HDL etc. we are seeing more clients installing these products for numerous reasons – Peace of Mind, Security, Convenience or Energy Saving.
  • Networking – Both hard wired and WiFi products are being installed. Many internet Hubs simply dont provide the coverage required for many reasons. More products need internet access and  this is usually provided hard wired for fixed appliances and by WiFi for mobile devices.
  • TV & Audio Distribution – With more TV’s moving onto walls, we are being asked to relocate the source & set top boxes. Done for many reasons, but cable clutter and device security are the main ones. A small hub can now distribute multiple sources to multiple TV’s
  • Stand Alone Products – We have installed many  single purpose products (mainly thermostats). Designed to do a single task from an App. From simple lighting control, heating or in 1 case a hot tub we can make it happen. However we are always mindful of your future and where possible provide the opportunity to choose products that can grow with your needs.

Loxone Loaded CabinetWe will be hitting the ground sprinting in 2016 with 3 smart home projects on the go and 2 other major projects to quote for. There are 2 businesses opting for smart control for lighting and heating where savings in both time and utilities will pay for the systems quickly. Another fridge/freezer project is lined up, providing 24/7 monitoring & logging of temperatures coupled with an early warning system to prevent the loss of contents due to plant failure.

Loxone Mini Server GoWe have meetings planned with a Solar & Energy Efficiency company to help deliver further savings on green products. Self Consumption and system optimisation further enhance any payments received through RHI or FiT. After being delayed slightly, we will be able to offer RIBA Accredited lectures starting in February 2016 (more details to follow). Primarily aimed at Architects and Interior Designers, builders, and home renovators are welcome to request the courses too.

We have lots on offer in 2016, so give us a call now to discuss your project, its never too early to start.


Nadolig Llawen – Merry Christmas from all of us at 3-e Electrical and look forward to your continued support in 2016…..

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