Buy a SmartHome with Confidence

Buying a Home is a daunting prospect for Loxone Smart Home control using Android device and NFC Smart Tagmost people, but when its a SmartHome, there is a little more to think about and stress levels may rise. With more homes incorporating connected devices and systems, we have put together some pointers for you to consider when buying a SmatHome…

Few estate agents have a working knowledge of selling SmartHomes. There is a lot more to consider when handing over a connected automation system whether its for lights/heating or the whole home. We have put together a few pointers that are applicable not just to full systems but all the way down to a simple Smart thermostat. Much of the information can be broken into the following categories:

  1. Documentation – Covers the obvious planslike instruction manuals, warranties, installer details, but as the system size grows, you should also look for schematics, wiring plans, configuration files etc. On larger systems, a full inventory of equipment should be included as many of the “source” items can be removed requiring additional setup. If you are unsure, seek advice form a Home Technology Professional.
  2. Passwords – Yes, it may sound obvious, but ensure you have “Admin” level access to the system. This will allow user credentials and passwords to be changed. WiFi and network settings may also require changing to allow remote access and connection to cloud services. It is worth changing all existing users and passwords to eliminate any security holes.
  3. Internet – For the connected home this will be your number 1 priority when you move in, and can take days to weeks to provision. Have a plan “B”, and this may include using a temporary GSM router with a Sim card (you may be able to rent one from your SmartHome Pro) . There are some devices do not like being disconnected from the internet e.g. Nest thermostats, so functionality may be limited.
  4. What have you got? Its not simply knowingLoxone Smart Home Loaded Cabinet what hardware you have, but also its state. Is it up to date with software and firmware? If its an older system, can it be updated, and is there still manufacturer/installer support? As long as the cabling infrastructure is good, many systems can be updated to take advantage of technology advances.
  5. Locate a Professional – You may need to seek out and employ a professional installer, especially if you are new to the technology. There are a number of reasons that this may be advisable:
    • Carry out a system survey (pre purchase)
    • Advise on upgrades or obsolescence
    • Change settings and personalise the system
    • Perform servicing or maintenance tasks
    • Add devices and upgrade existing components
    • Provide instruction on the equipment
    • Gain peace of mind that you have a trusted Professional

If you have any doubt regarding operation, security or the state of your system, seek out professional advice. Contact the system manufacturer who will most likely have a list of trained local installers. You can also search  for Smart Home Technicians at CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association)  who can provide both  pre and post purchase support. So go ahead and buy that SmartHome with confidence.

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