Smart Thoughts…

2016 has seen the exciting rise in the Smart Home and 2017 is moving faster . We have been involved an a growing number of installation projects that both include automation and data, and have witnessed some disasters. plansFirst the Good, enquiries have been flooding in for new-builds and renovations wanting to incorporate energy saving home automation. Our “Go To” system of choice has been Loxone, and it fits in neatly with client perceptions, needs and budget.

Many of our current projects started at the design phase and has allowed for building quirks to be designed in form the start. Adequate room for locating a network cabinet and the wall mounted control system along with the associated cable runs for both mains power and data cabling.

We have not been involved with wiring all of the projects, and have worked closely with other electricians to provide the Smart Home infrastructure that sits on top of the basic wiring plan.With a rapidly moving market place we strive to keep up to date with wiring regulations and new products hitting the market. Loxone for one,  have developed and released many products in the past 12 months, from small control modules to glass capacitive touch switches and through to new integration modules for other technologies. We are also keeping a close eye on Sky Q, full 4K video distribution and general networking trends. SO… how does this benefit home owners?
mhub-tvs-1024x502Something as simple as hooking up your TVs can be frought with decisions. Do you just install coax, coax plus data or something else? Going back to our cable post one decision to make is “portability” with regards to cable or WiFi. “Future Proofing” is asked for in pretty much all cases. This is a little more tricky given the advancements in technology, encryption, data compression and cable installation costs. All of these factors usually develop in near isolation to each other and announcements tend to come closer to product releases….

Going back to data and TV distribution, customers usually overlook where thisdav equipment is now going to go. We suggest a centralised shelved cabinet, its neat and provides a organised solution for cabling. Wall mounting TVs is the future, especially as they get thinner, technologies like HDBaseT will enable a single cable to provide both power and data, so data cabling is going to play an important role in our homes.

Our centralised cabinets provide a secure and tidy storage for all of your data & AV distribution:

  • Wired Network hub
  • Distribution for WiFi access points (faster than the routers WiFi)
  • CCTV base units
  • Music servers and Amps
  • TV Distribution
  • Set top Boxes e.g. Sky, Freesat, DVD etc
  • Centralised point for inbound services e.g. Phone, Sat aerial etc.

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