Robust Automation with KNX

KNX Subsystems

KNX System Architecture

There are many ways to control the services in a building, and each system has its own quirks. Some depend on internet connectivity while others have vulnerable components that stop the entire system functioning (single point of failure).  KNX overcomes most of these if planned correctly, and being a devolved system, there is no single control failure point.

KNX has long been a commercial choice because of its resilience, T5 at Heathrow is one such project. It is this proven stability, longevity and security that home owners are looking for. KNX is not a system, but rather a protocol that is owned and managed by the KNX Association. 400+ manufacturers produce equipment to a prescribed global standard which is rigorously tested to. Not only does this provide the installer a vast choice of devices to design a project, but it also allows for a large choice of user interface devices for all design tastes.  The KNX system relies on simple data telegrams to pass information and instructions between devices, it is this simplicity that has allowed it to keep pace with advances in technology. 

The simple 2 core wiring makes this an ideal choice for new build and renovation projects (there are wireless options for retro-fit), for lighting, heating and security and are easily incorporated providing total control of the building. Add in energy management, and you can quickly have the ingredients for an energy efficient home. 

This cable is known as the “communication bus”, it provides both power to the devices & transfers data between them. Each device requires programming to both send and listen for messages, therefore there is no single control device to fail. 

Switching…..well the world is your oyster. From simple toggle switches to elaborate touch screen and everything in between they all sit on the same cable. The designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or you can opt for standard everyday white switches. This allows KNX to be used in a wide range of property styles and is well suited to listed buildings. 

So Robustness….. This is a product of carefull planning and system design. Each project is unique as are the client needs. For critical systems power supplies can be “paralleled” to mitigate against failure, and some now incorporate battery back-up. No matter what your system requirement, there is a solution out there to do what you need.

If you want to know how you can benefit from a KNX system on your next property we can design a basic  low cost solution for an efficient home through to exquisite detailing for a more luxurious feel.

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