Stemming the flow… Whether you use a Smart Meter Energy usageand can see your live usage, or just monitor your monthly bill increasing, you still have the same question: Where is it going? 

With a continuing rise in energy prices, the majority of homes and businesses have focused on thermal efficiency. However human nature is forgetful and unwittingly wasteful. You can have the worlds most efficient fridge, but what’s the point if you leave the doors open!

So where to start – The Audit. Regardless of what style of Home you have, assessing your night time usage highlights all the “vampire” consumers. This is usually when most things are off (you’ll soon see how off they are) and you can see the baseline consumption for your property. This will usually consist of fridge/freezers and devices or appliances consuming power on standby.

Energy GraphProbably fed up hearing about quick fixes, but changing to LED lighting and switching off standby devices remain the priority for many homes and businesses. But what next….

Heating what you need.  Zoning your heating, you can control which rooms you heat and when. Systems like Netatmo allow you to control each radiator from an app. Even if funds are tight, this is a system that can grow from the central thermostat. Once installed, DIY additions of radiator valves can be done simply.

Lighting consumes anything up to 30% of your annual electricity bill and is a wasteful area of concern for many. We use lighting for many reasons, however with a management system in place any lighting system can be operated more efficiently.

We provide a variety of methods to control lighting:

  • Automated control with smart switch off when the space is unoccupied
  • Intelligent lighting that adapts to natural light levels
  • Intelligent lighting that adapts to occupancy
  • Optimised dimming to reduce running costs
  • Self monitoring with failure notification – reducing maintenance costs
  • Run timers to monitor usage & forward maintenance planning

Where does it go? From single appliances to circuits and complete building totals, energy management is at the core of any system we offer. Knowing what, where and when is a large part of the energy puzzle, but with constant monitoring you are quickly in control.

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