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Digital Living

Design & PlanningWith ever advancing Digital Living technology, it is fast becoming a mine field for customers. Finding products is easy, it becomes increasingly difficult to get multiple devices to play nicely though. We aim to guide you through the various options to achieve the level of automation you require. Every project is bespoke, achieving a personalised service for each client.

“Automation: The ability to hand over human control functions to a system, with a level of programming and autonomous decision making, to simplify mundane and repetitive tasks in a consistent manner” 

We can provide simple solutions for single tasks or complete packages to encompass any or all of the following:

  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Integrated Burglar Alarms & CCTV
  • Multi-Room Audio & Visual Distribution
  • Energy Saving & Monitoring
  • Green Energy Management
  • Access and Tracking
  • Temperature & Weather Monitoring
  • Challenge Projects…

We design, install and configure complete systems from Loxone. This is an amazing total control solution for your home or business. A powerfull back end lends its self to simple yet intuitive control for users – the way a smart building should be. In addition we also install and configure KNX , RakoHD Anywhere, Heatmiser, Nest , Systemline, Netatmo, and many other components.

North Wales Loxone Silver partner KNX UK Partner
Home Automation, Smart Homes, Intelligent Buildings… They all incorporate technology to:

  • Aid security – Powerful alarm system by default
  • Simplify control – fewer switches, automated control
  • Save money – reduce wastage, optimise usage
  • Monitor – keep track of what and when you are using.
  • Declutter – cleaner walls with unified switch plates.

Our design service provides you with many options for ensuring your home or business is future ready. We are here to make your life easier through integration of technology..Simple Lighting Control

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  1. graeme says:

    The key to a smart home is “Integration”, bring it all together. If you keep adding smart devices without much planning, you will soon get frustrated with a growing number of apps to control everything. Through careful planning or the addition of a #smartspark a coherent modular system can be designed, installed and programmed to your needs. Unlike a traditional property, if your needs change, chances are much of it can be done with a little reprogramming….

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