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Short term holiday or longer term lets, they all need regular maintenance and testing. In addition new regulations now require CO (Carbon Monoxide) alarms to be installed in properties with combustible fuel sources, in addition to smoke and heat. Ideally these should be mains powered and interlinked for additional safety. This limits the ability to tamper with or disconnect. All your Landlord will ask you to do is conduct regular checks for your peace of mind.

For more information visit ACIO Fire Detection

We provide full electrical certification of the fixed wiring for property lets. These are required to be done every 5 years and are usually insisted on by your insurance provider. For long term lets further electrical safety checks are required upon change of tenants. All of this testing provides peace of mind for both the landlord and tenant and ensures compliance with electrical and fire safety.

For tenants, you should insist on seeing all of the relevant safety documentation before you move in, most Landlords will provide this information as standard. Any safety inspections should be noted on the consumer unit (fuse box) with dates for both the last and next inspection.

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) have their own set of regulations and are further licensed by local Councils. The 5 yearly Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is mandatory along with stricter guidelines on fire and CO detection.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the responsibility of the Landlord for electrical items supplied with the let. Usually this is required annually as a clause in the insurance policy, and some may insist on you providing certificates for personal appliances.

Electrical Safety First  is a charity providing Electrical Safety advice.

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