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Loxone Control

Intelligent Control for your Home or Business…..

Your Smart Home journey continues. As experienced installers we have many completed projects under our belts. Entering our 8th year as Silver Partners you can be assured that we have large range projects to draw upon. We never say no to a challenge, and this is what stands us apart from the crowd.

Our projects are varied and cover both domestic and commercial premises, from simple heating control to full building management. Our Snowonia Barn Conversion was nominated for a BuildIt award in 2019 for the innovative control we brought to the open plan lighting. 30+ light circuits illuminating a large open space controlled on a single elegant Touch Pure.
Shifting from switching lights to switching room moods not only simplifies control, but opens up design possibilities.

Delegate heating control, light switching and safety/monitoring functions to the MiniServer….save time, reduce stress and save money at the same time. Our primary ethos remains….

Making the complex simple….

Your next stage is to book a consultation. Take us on a journey through your project and we will create a system befitting of your dream. Call or e-mail to get your project underway.

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