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We take your security to new levels. Integrating traditional technologies into an all encompassing system we have you covered from many angles. From simple deterrents to complete building solutions we install and maintain it all.

Alarm – These security systems are sensor based, IR/ultrasonic, door/window switches, pressure pads etc. We make these multi-functional therefore reducing wall clutter but maximise on their usability. Our movement sensors can be used to control heating, switch lighting and more. Through integration, your alarm is now linked to lights, curtains/blinds, AV, audio feedback, CCTV and phone/e-mail alerts.

Loxone Smart Home Layout

Access – Using “smart keys” and electric actuated locks a robust secure access and logging system can be created, enhancing security. Low cost “smart keys” can be allocated to users and tracked, if a key is lost or compromised simply delete it from the database – no more costly lock changes or keys to be cut.

CCTV – These are your eyes and come in varying degrees of image quality. Many standard systems in use today cannot or struggle to provide Court Quality images. HD and UltraHD systems not only provide higher quality imaging, but a single camera can monitor a larger area. With the range of equipment, on/off-site recording and the ability for remote viewing, full survey and consultation is key to tailoring a package to your needs. From single cameras to multiple NVR systems, we have you covered.Imagine being alerted of an alarm event direct to your smart phone. Open your app and view entry points, activate live view CCTV and even talk to the intruders. Meanwhile the alarm system has made the building lights flash or turn on, open all shutters/blinds and stream loud audio to deter the intruders.  Not many systems can do this….

With a caller service you can make an unlimited number of calls to an unlimited number of international phones, giving you truly global reach.

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