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Robust Automation with KNX

KNX Subsystems

KNX System Architecture

There are many ways to control the services in a building, and each system has its own quirks. Some depend on internet connectivity while others have vulnerable components that stop the entire system functioning (single point of failure).  KNX overcomes most of these if planned correctly, and being a devolved system, there is no single control failure point.

KNX has long been a commercial choice because of its resilience, T5 at Heathrow is one such project. It is this proven stability, longevity and security that home owners are looking for. KNX is not a system, but rather a protocol that is owned and managed by the KNX Association. 400+ manufacturers produce equipment to a prescribed global standard which is rigorously tested to. Not only does this provide the installer a vast choice of devices to design a project, but it also allows for a large choice of user interface devices for all design tastes.  The KNX system relies on simple data telegrams to pass information and instructions between devices, it is this simplicity that has allowed it to keep pace with advances in technology. 

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Lights, Lights and more lights…

Smart lighting control makes a room come alive, sets the mood or simply helps you perform specific tasks in comfort. From cooking & entertaining to watching a movie the “right” light is important.  With the growing number & types of LED, getting it right has become a minefield.

A little thought coupled with #SmartHome technology can pack wow into a room without limiting its future design. All to often sockets, TV points & lights dictate the layout of a room…. not any more.

We tend to look for 3 main styles of lighting, working/task, background and feature. Read the rest of this entry »

Smart Thoughts…

2016 has seen the exciting rise in the Smart Home and 2017 is moving faster . We have been involved an a growing number of installation projects that both include automation and data, and have witnessed some disasters. plansFirst the Good, enquiries have been flooding in for new-builds and renovations wanting to incorporate energy saving home automation. Our “Go To” system of choice has been Loxone, and it fits in neatly with client perceptions, needs and budget.

Many of our current projects started at the design phase and has allowed for building quirks to be designed in form the start. Adequate room for locating a network cabinet and the wall mounted control system along with the associated cable runs for both mains power and data cabling.

We have not been involved with wiring all of the projects, and have worked closely with other electricians to provide the Smart Home infrastructure that sits on top of the basic wiring plan. Read the rest of this entry »

Backward ~ Forwards a Year in Review

2015 in Review…

As another year draws to a close we thought we would review what has been achieved this year, but firstly we would livingroomlike to thank our clients for their custom and to our suppliers who have supported and enabled us to grow this year. 2016 is already building to be a #Smart year with a number of #SmartHome projects booked in. Unfortunately…. Read the rest of this entry »

Lights, Camera…….Action

Well lights for now……. Getting lighting right makes a space. Its a difficult task to get right, but the control, flexibility and consistency that an automation system adds, helps with fine tuning. There is a bathroom2bewildering range of ways to provide illumination Read the rest of this entry »

Freezer Monitoring

Following the expensive loss of contents after a freezer failed, we were approached to create a bespoke solution to prevent further loss. Equipment failure is inevitable, but “time” can mitigate disaster. Providing advance warning gives valuable “time” to safeguard stock.

Requrements:Temperature Probe

  1. Monitor all freezers and fridges 24/7
  2. Provide instant alerts and notifications based on temperature
  3. Log temperatures for Food Standards compliance
  4. Provide temperatures of other processes Read the rest of this entry »